15 Benefits of Acai – What is It Good for and Properties

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The Side Effects of Acai Berry Pills

15 Benefits of Acai – What is It Good for and Properties

The consumption of fruits is always very beneficial to keep the body in shape and mostly healthy. Knowing the properties and possible contributions they can offer may be an advantage for you to build a diet rich in vitamins and nutrients that provide a balanced functioning of the whole body.
Açaí is one of the tastiest fruits and favorite of Brazilians, their consumption can be from the simplest to the most elaborate recipes, but what many people forget is that the benefits of acai for fitness and health are many. We will explore in more detail below the acai.The fruit is popular in South America and became known in North America due to the emphasis given by Nicholas Perricone on the Oprah Winfrey show. It is important to know the real advantages of adding acai to our food and also we acknowledge that we still can get positive effects that are still in evidence phase, also highlighting its use for medicinal purposes.

What is Acai Amazon?

It is a fruit originated from a palm tree that is widely distributed throughout the northern region of South America. As food, acai can be eaten raw or in juice form. Its juice is used commercially as with beverages and combinations mainly similar to ice cream. Several ways of manufacturing using natural purple food dye to result in a more attractive appearance.
The fruit contains chemicals that offer antioxidant. They can be used for the protection of body cells, reducing the possibility of oxidation. The acai antioxidant action is similar to the effect of blackberry, strawberry, blueberry, raspberry and even cranberry.

Benefits of Acai Berry – What’s It Good for?

You can enjoy many benefits of acai for fitness and health, but it is essential that you watch out for the conditions of preparation and combinations, as are the side dishes that can disrupt the balance of your body. You will now see the main properties of the acai berry, which made him famous.

1. Healthy Heart
Having effects similar to red wine, acai studies claim that may be rich in atocianinas, which is a type of plant that can provide antioxidant capacity reduction of cholesterol levels in the bloodstream. The properties of the plant sterols can also contribute to cardio-protective benefits to the cells, which prevents blood clots, resulting in relaxation of blood vessels and improving circulation in general.

2. Immune System
Students of the Federal University of Rio de Janeiro seeking to prove that the intake of acai extract can contribute to the control of harmful organisms, however, there are few convincing arguments to prove this assertion.

3. Weight loss eating açaí
The fame of the acai berry is that it can be a food that affect weight loss, but many nutritionists recognize as umsuper-food, and it can even help not only weight loss but also in maintaining the achieved weight.
Studies conducted by the National Institutes of Aging seek to demonstrate that the pulp of acai can help reduce the negative effects of an irregular diet and fat intake, but these studies have not been done with humans, so is information that should be analyzed separately .

4. Contributes to skin health
Products aimed at the improvement in beauty are using acai oil, and such use is justified by the high antioxidant content that the oil can offer. We must recognize that many chemicals can harm skin health, if consumed in the long term; It is exactly this factor that contributes to the greater adhesion of açaí.

5. digestive system more efficient
Your digestive system can keep clean because one of the benefits of the acai berry is that it can help to detox your body, mainly because the fruit contains dietary fiber. This effect may be even more significant if consumed together with other foods also high in fiber.

6. Best respiratory functioning
Regular and balanced intake of acai could prevent typical irritations that may be associated with respiratory distress, mostly for allergic reactions. This effect is still under evaluation.

7. healthier cells
Anthocyanins found in Acai can play a key role in cell protection system. They may help to keep the strong cells, which reduces the possibility of invasion of free radicals. This protective function is one of the most important benefits acai for people who are on restricted diets or have nutritional deficiencies.

8. Contribution to the fight against cancer
Consumption for the good shape can be interesting for most consumers, but do they all know why we can enjoy many benefits of acai? It is rich in vitamin C and ellagic acid. This combination may act on the immune system, which contributes to suppress the growth of cancer.
studies carried out and published in the Journal of Agriculture and Food Chemistry say polyphenolic compounds from acai can reduce the proliferation of cancer cells in 56 to 86%. The study is designed to cancinogênese process at the molecular level, which is the “death” of the tumor cells before there is multiplication. Of course this statement requires further study.

9. Anti-Aging Effect
The antioxidant effect also contributes to the ability to reduce or reverse processes similar to aging or oxidative damage. It is said that even the amount of antioxidants contained in acai can be up to two times greater than the amount provided by blueberries. This is among the most famous acai properties and why they consider it a superfood.

10. Provides energy
The benefits of açaí may contribute to health in general, as it provides energy and stamina, thus helping to combat fatigue and exhaustion. When you need an extra boost, indulge in the fruit and feel more motivated. That is why many people consume açaí before or after the high-intensity workouts as it can foster income during training and consumed after, can reduce the possibility of malaise and discomfort. This is one of the main benefits of acai for good form.

11. Raise sexual desire
The consumption of fruit is associated with increased blood circulation in the human body system, this phenomenon is one of the contributors to the increased sexual desire, especially for men.

12. Contributes to mental functioning
Studies seek to prove that acai could prevent mental illness in women in the menopausal stage.

13. equilibrated cholesterol levels
Studies seek to prove that consuming acai on a high fat diet can keep the bad cholesterol (LDL) and total cholesterol balanced.

14. Assists in healthy bones and teeth
Acai can promote the health of your teeth and bones as it can contribute significant amounts of calcium. This property is provided by the fruit may associated with its use for the prevention of hypertension and osteoporosis.

15. Free Cramps
The potassium contribution offered by acai can a differential to avoid the discomforts caused by poor circulation and cramps. If reconciled with the physical exercise and diet rich in liquids, the effect can be enhanced, thereby reducing the impact of dehydration.

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