Acai Berry Juice Benefits

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Acai Berry Juice Benefits

Acai Berry Juice Benefits

Acai Berry Juice Benefits

A glass of fresh acai juice on a mat with acai berries, kiwi and strawberries. Photo Credit diogoppr/iStock/Getty Images

Originating in Central and South America, acai berries have been touted as offering health benefits beyond those of typical fruits, including weight loss and anti-aging. In turn, many acai-containing products, such as acai juice and acai extracts, have been developed and promoted for these purposes. While scientific evidence has not substantiated all of the claimed benefits of acai berry juice, several studies suggest it has powerful benefits for the body.

Cancer Prevention

According to a March 2010 study published in “Pharmaceutical Research,” consumption of acai berries successfully inhibited growth of esophageal cancer in rats. Researchers attribute this result to the high levels of antioxidants in acai berry juice. The study was conducted with seven different types of berries, all of which were shown to be equally effective in cancer prevention, indicating acai berry juice may not be any better at preventing cancer than other berries.

Immune System Benefits

An October 2008 study from Texas A&M University’s “Agricultural Communications” found that antioxidants from both acai berry pulp and juice are successfully absorbed by the human body. Antioxidants, usually in the form of vitamins and minerals, function by protecting immune cells from oxidative damage of compounds known as free radicals in the body. The antioxidant content in acai berry juice therefore provides immune system benefits similar to those of other berries.

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