Acai Helps Losing Weight

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Acai helps losing weight, but the supermarket one can make you fat!

Fruit helps burning fat, but the form of preparation makes calorie bomb.

Already there are times that acai is among the preferences of Brazilians. Popularized the Acai Amazonian origin has become synonymous with healthy eating and began to be sold in markets, restaurants and cafeterias. But those industrialized pots easily found there may fool who believes he is doing good for health, whereas in fact it is consuming a calorie bomb.

“Formulae products found in shops and supermarkets contains guarana syrup, which is pure sugar and leaves the most sweetie açaí at the same time increases and the calories and fat levels,” says nutritionist Flávia Cyfer, reminiscent still other accompaniments that can cause the berry fat, adding granola or candy syrups.

The best way to enjoy the benefits of acai is keeping an eye on the nutritional information of the product, always running away from that present in the syrup composition. Choose to consume natural fruit pulp, without the addition of any preservative.

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Acai lose weight!

You heard that acai is very calorie? It is true that it is not the most thin fruits that exist, but despite this, it helps rather slim. Contradictory? The nutritionist explains. “This is thanks to the antioxidant properties and anti-inflammatory, which helps you lose fat. Thus, when there is an inflammation in the body, it ends up producing substances that stimulate the proliferation of fat cells – it can happen to those who eat too much sugar, preservative, drinks too much or is in constant stress. If you avoid inflammation, fat not proliferates. ”

So not always the best way to tell a diet is the calories. “You can diet low in calorie but highly inflammatory. What happens here is that, for a moment, the person loses weight reducing calories, but the inflammatory process is going to increase fat then, “says Flavia.

Other benefits

Very consumed by those who practice physical activities, it is really great for those who do exercises. Because it speeds up metabolism and also promotes benefits through its antioxidant power. “When a person runs too much or too heavy mesh, the body has a natural increase of free radicals, which are toxic substances addressed by the power of the acai berry,” says dietician Flavia Cyfer, indicating consume food before or after practice activities.

This antioxidant feature that makes a detox the body is present due to anthocyanin substance, who gives him this more purplish color and is efficient in the neural part, with excellent memory and concentration – as well as all the red fruits. It also has superoxide dismutase, directly related to longevity and disease prevention. Moreover, it has high iron content and vitamin B2, good to fight anemia.

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Suggested consumption

Flavia gives some healthier consumer tips to enjoy the benefits of acai. Choose one of these preparations to ingest once daily.

– Hitting the organic pulp with coconut water and a little honey

– Hitting the organic pulp with a small handful of grape passes and agave syrup (extracted honey from a cactus used in tequila preparation and does not elevate glucose, great to sweeten)

– Prepare an acai juice with coconut water, adding a fruit that can be banana or strawberry and a spoon of honey or agave syrup

– Hit the acai pulp with whole grape juice, which brings numerous health benefits and leaves more sweet taste without sugar

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