Acaiberry ABC Softgel

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Acaiberry ABC Softgel

Acaiberry ABC Softgel 3

ABC Acaiberry softgel  capsule slimming diet you are the best on the market today. By using the perfect blend between traditional Chinese herb and combined with the famous berry benefits. Many Hollywood celebrities wear Acai Berry because the properties quickly and without side effects, especially when recommended Acai Berry on the Oprah Show.

Acai berry is known to have a high antioxidant content.

In the body, antioxidants help neutralize free radicals that can damage cells and lead to other health problems such as cancer trigger. When neutralize free radicals, antioxidants also be used so that over time the amount to be reduced. This means that the body needs to continue to receive supply of antioxidants.

In order for the missing antioxidants replaced quickly, then it makes sense to choose foods that have high antioxidant content. According to some independent research, acai berry is proven to have the highest content of antioxidants compared to other types of food and supplements.

The contents of the womb Acaiberry ABC Softgel
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Benefits Acaiberry ABC Softgel

  • Shaped like a vitamin softgel.
  • Safe to eat because 100% of the herbs.
  • Containing a variety of plants that can make so young and did not make dull skin.
  • It is suitable for those who want to consume slimming but no time to the gym (fitness / sports).
  • Increase Metabolism With Burn Fat, Throw Through Sweat And Urine.
  • Potential Effect Haus, So Should Drink lots of water.
  • Restraining Appetite Since First Drink.
  • Acaiberry fruit antioxidants 10 times more than the red grapes, so it is suitable and very useful for the body.

Acaiberry ABC Softgel 2

Dosage Acaiberry ABC Softgel

  • Take 1 (one) softgel with warm water in the morning before / after breakfast (not more than 1 sofgel, one packet can be for 30 days).
  • Avoid temporary Milk, Coffee, Alcohol, And Soda because it can neutralize the effects of any medicine.
  • Expand and fibrous foods such as buah2an sayur2an, who have constipation (difficult bowel movements) can routinely consume slimming tea.
  • Prohibited for Pregnant Women and Breastfeeding.
  • For Ages 18 to 60 years.
  • For ulcer patients, it is advisable to eat breakfast before taking ABC Acai Berry .
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