How make acai in the bowl

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How make acai in the bowl

How make acai in the bowl

Acai is a very popular fruit from northern region of Brazil and that every day that passes, it becomes more popular in the rest of World. It is rich in vitamins, iron, carbohydrates, lipids and proteins. Its pulp is used in juices, smoothies, ice cream and the famous acai in the bowl with other ingredients that are successful in cafeterias, gyms and kiosks.

Today, Acai Berry Recipes teaches you how to make acai in the bowl and so you can enjoy this at home.

How to make acai?


400 grams of frozen pulp of acai
2 bananas or other fruit of your choice like papaya or avocado
60 ml of guarana syrup

Method of preparation:

Blend the açaí, 1 banana and syrup. Transfer to a bowl and chop the other banana on top. Sprinkle with granola and good appetite!

You can do various combinations, for example, add condensed milk or milk powder, replace guarana for orange juice, sprinkle oats, quinoa and chia instead of granola …. by your imagination and your taste.
What is your favorite way to eat acai in the bowl? Enjoy and see how to make a nutritious juice with fruit!

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